Building Back Black Businesses Better

The B5 Expo is a State of The Black Community
Call to Action on Juneteenth 2021!

Featured Speaker


Join Social Entrepreneur/Activist

Che Wright, for a Discussion on the Future of the Thriving Black Communities in America.

"What are we doing to Build the Next

Self Sustainable Infrastructures for

Black Communities?"

     Our mission is to showcase a virtual exhibition on how to Build Back Black Businesses Better. The vision for what the future of self sustainable infrastructures for black communities can be, should be, will be displayed.


     Our goal is to provide plans and designs that can be implemented in Black Communities all across our Country. 

This event will be an open conversation with some of the most brilliant black minds as panelists. Discussions will feature displayed images of urban development projects, the benefits of those projects, and how to implement them in your community.

Why Attend?

The B5 Expo is a Conversation with our Black Communities about the Future State of our Black Communities.

By registering for this FREE, Virtual event you’ll be able to:

Adopt a Featured Project for your Community

Invest in Community Partnership Opportunities

Learn about Funding Sources to Develop a Community Program

Donate Resources to your Local Black Owned Business

Donate money, Donate a Service, or a Product

View Images for the New Black Communities Infrastructure and Workforce of the Future

       This year Black communities everywhere in America paid homage to #CentennialAnniversary of #BlackWallstreet.      Our #Juneteenth event will continue to celebrate the excellence exhibited by hosting a virtual exposition sharing goals, visuals & education on how to better our Black Community's future state. On #Juneteenth, our presenters will showcase beautiful images of urban development projects & programs that can be adopted & implemented in black communities nationwide. Our event efforts are to encourage the building of new innovative sustainable infrastructures for the black culture. It is important that we successfully evolve as a people to progress the legacies of our indigenous ancestors, who did not have the opportunities, freedoms, and liberties in the emancipation proclamation 1863 era. It's our desire to be catalysts for a plan on what's next for our black communities worldwide. The B5 Expo will definitely reflect plans for our #Black progression, methods for the state of our communities well being, our available opportunities for economic benefits, and our diversed cultural excellence that we can utilize to thrive!

Small Business Relief for Black Owners

Areas of funding for Black Businesses
Business Crowdfunding support 
Donations for Small Businesses 
Community Shopping Developments
with Business Centers

Building the Workforce for the Future

Rehabbing Local Dilapidated Buildings to house Workforce Education Trainings

Workforce Development

Commercial Kitchen
Training Culinary Arts

EV Stations
Manufacturing and Innovative Infrastructure 

Sell, Install & Maintenance of Solar


Making Agriculture Great Again with the
$5 Billion Black Farmers Fund

Grocery stores in our Communities
Community Garden Adoptions
Helping Black Farmers Maintain their Land

Mobility and Green Climate Tech Infrastructure

New Stations for Vehicles with a Sustain Store that looks like a Farmers Market
EV Help Center with a Lounge for Vehicle Maintenance Services

Community Youth Programs and the Benefits of E-Sports Innovation

All inclusive Sports Facility that also Acts or Doubles as an E-Sports Arena

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Civic Engagement Projects & New Age Protection and Service for Black Communities

Get Involved in your Community with Volunteering, Organizing, and Planning 
Building Relationships with Law Enforcement
Improve Dialogue and Legislation with Local Police Departments